How to get approved google adsense account

Hi there,

if you are not able to get google adsense account then don't worry.

Just follow the following step after that you will be able to get account :

click on the above link and create login then apply for adsense account from indyrock which link located as 'Earnings *Google AdSense' top right corner.

Note that, to getting google adsense account you have to done following step :

1)Your profile must be completed by 50%,
2)You have minimum 2 blogs on indyrock,
3)you have to upload minimum 10 photo,

Please try and I assured you that you'll able to get account.

if you have any query don't hesitate to click here

Best of luck.


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  2. wont work thru site..

    its waste.

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  5. i made my account and after 1 blog and 1 pic. i enter adsense. they rejected it. and now, i am trying to reuse it, they have disabled my account. tell me what to do now, how to submit and enable my account.
    plzz and plzz

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  7. Can I fill the name of my wife in payee name or it is compulsory to put my name only

  8. Indyarocks gets partial approval not full approval.
    For latest approval trick click here:

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